Temporary berth at Amsterdam NDSM

Photo: Jasper Schuringa


Departure ADM, Amsterdam, 2015, Monday 12 Oct, 17H30

Arrival at NDSM, Amsterdam, 2015, Monday 12 Oct, 18H30

52º23´591´´ North, 004º53´522 East 

Free Ferry CS to NDSM 
    All Nigth Ferry to Buikslotermeerplein (in front of Central Station)

Departure NDSM, Amsterdam, 2015, Thusday 8 Oct, 13H50

Arrival at ADM, Amsterdam, 2015, Thursday 8 Oct, 15H

52º25´131´´ North, 004º48´013 East 


Departure Middelburg, 2015, Wednesday 9 Sept, 8H

Arrival at NDSM, Amsterdam, 2015, Thursday 10 Sept, 4H

52º23´589´´ North, 004º53´482 East


Departure  Scheveningen, 2015, Tuesday September 1, 07H00

Arrival at Middelburg, Tuesday September 1, 19H30

51º29´56´´ North, 003º37´289 East


Departure  ADM, 2015, Friday August 28, 07H00

Arrival at Scheveningen, Friday August 28, 13H15

52º05´5´´ North, 004º16´000 East


Departure  NDSM, 2015, Tuesday August 25, 07H30

Arrival at ADM, Amsterdam, Tuesday August 25, 14H15

52º25´133´´ North, 004º48´048 East


Departure (Zee)Brugge, 2015, Friday August 7, 05H30

Arrival at NDSM, Amsterdam, Saturday August 9, 14H00

51º29´56´´ North, 004º53´529 East

Grand Fort Philippe
, 2015, Wednesday July 20, 05H30
Arrival at Brugge, Belgium, Thursday July 23, 00H45

51º13´38´´ North, 003º13´288 East

Departure Boulogne sur Mer, 2015, Sunday July 12, 10H50
Arrival at Grand Fort Philippe, Sunday July 12, 22H10

51º00´11´´ North, 002º06´35 East

Departure Douarnenez, 2015, Wednesday July 8, 10H
Arrival at Boulogne sur Mer, 
2015, Saturday July 11, 19H40

50º43´3´´ North, 001º35´482 East

Departure La Rochelle, Vieux Port, 
day June 27, 14H05
Arrival at Douarnenez,  
2015, Tuesday June 30, 15H55
48º05´35´´ North, 004º11´198´ 
 Île de Aix
, S
aturday 2015, June 18, 15H45
La Rochelle, Vieux Port. 
y June 18, 10H00
46º00´41´´ North, 001º11´198´
Departure La rochelle 2015, 
aturday June 6, 06H55
Arrival at annchor Île de Aix 2015, 
Saturday June 6, 10H00
46º00´2´´ North, 001º10´13´West.
Arrived in La Rochelle, Vieux Port, Bassin des Chalutiers, Quai d'honneur
2015, Wednesday Juin 3, 17H20
46º09´186´´ North, 001º08´579´West.
Departure from Pasaia, Basque Country 1 June 2015 11h.
Arrived in Pasaia, Basq country, on August 31, 2012
Arrived in Vilagarcia de Arousa, Galicia, on August 21,2012  
Arrival 21 Sept 2011 21h50, Port Saint Louis du Rhône, port
Departure 22 Sept 08h20
Arrival 22 Sept 10h15   Port Saint Louis du Rhône, Rhône
43º22´575´´ North, 004º48´376´´East.
Arrival 19 Sept 2011 22h10 Barcelona, Moll de la Fusta

41`22´444´´ North, 002º01´569´´East.
Departure 20 sept 2011 15h30 to Port Saint Louis

Arrival 6 Sept 2011 17h20  Tarragona, Confradia dels Pescadors.

41º06´312´´ North, 001º14´277´´East.
Departure 19 sept 2011 13h15 to Barcelona

Arrival 23 August 2011 20h40 Baie de Gracieuse, at anchor            

43º23´192´´ North, 004º53´533´´East.

Departure 24 August 2011 10h.

Arrival 24 August 2011 11h, Port Saint Louis du Rhône, port

43º23´185´´ North, 004º48´302´´East.
Departure 28 August 08h35
Arrival 28 August 9h20   Port Saint Louis du Rhône, Rhône
43º22´575´´ North, 004º48´376´´East.
Departure 4 september 18h20 to Tarragona, Spain

Arrival 17 August 2011 20h Port Camargue.

43º31´151´´ North, 004º07´382´´East.
Departure 23 August 2011 10h to Baie la Gracieuce
Arrival 12 August 2011 12h50    Banyuls sur Mer            
42º28´566´´ North, 003º08´118´´East.
Departure 15 August 2011 12h40 to Anchor 
42º30´117´´ North, 003º07´545´´East
Departure 17 August 2011 06h30 to Port Camargue
Arrival 8 August 2011 20h Port St Louis du Rhône, Rhône.
43º22´577´´ North, 004º48´374´´East.
Departure 10 August 2011 18h40 to Banuyls sur Mer
Arrival 2 August 2011 15h30  Marseille, old harbour
43º17´463´´ North, 005º22´3´´East.
Departure 8 August 2011 12h20 to Port St Louis du Rhône
Arrival 26 July 2011 17h30 Port St Louis du Rhône, Rhône.
43º22´577´´ North, 004º48´374´´East.
Departure 2 August 2011 08h10 to Marseille.
Arrival 21 July 2011 14h45 Quai d'Honneur, Martigues
43º24´222´´ North, 005º03´045´´East.  
Departure 26 July  2011 13h45 to Port St Louis du Rhône
Arrival 8 September 2010  20h00  Port St Louis du Rhône, Quay Nord.
43º23´158´´ North, 004º48´305´´East.
Departure 21 July 2011  09h10.
Arrival 23 August  2010 18h20 L'Estaque, Marseille, Quai de la Lave.
43º21´429´´ North, 005º18´202´´East.
Departure 8 September  2010 13h30.
Arrival 18 August  2010 13h10  Port St Louis du Rhône, Quay Nord.
43º23´158´´ North, 004º48´305´´East.
Departure 23 august  2010 13h15.
Arrival 28 July 2010 16h35  Port St Louis du Rhône, sur le Rhône.
43º22´577´´ North, 004º48´374´´East.
Departure 18 august 2010 11h35.
Arrival 22 July 2010 16h00 Grau du Roi, Port Camargue.
43º31´15´´ North, 004º07´384´´East.
Departure 28 July 2010 06h55.   
Arrival 1 July 2010 08h00  Port St Louis du Rhône, sur le Rhône.
43º22´575´´ North, 004º48´372´´East.
Departure 22 July 2010 05h45.   
Arrival 23 Juin 2010 18h00  Quai Tailliez, Seyne sur Mer 
43º06´149´´ North, 005º53´103´´East.    
Departure 30 June 2010 20H00

Arrival 18 Juin 2010 15h30 Pont d'honneur, Ajaccio, Corse
41º55´127´´ North, 008º44´295´´East.    
Departure 22 Juin 2010 12h00
Arrival 11 Juin 2010 15h30 At achor, Valinco Gulf, Propiano, Corse
41º40´471´´ North, 008º54´315´´East.    
Departure 18 Juin 2010 07H00 
Arrival 8 Juin 2010 08h45  At anchor, Anse de Paragnano, Corse
41º23´545´´ North, 009º07´422´´East.    
Departure 11 juin 2010 09h30 
Arrival 3 Juin 2010 18h30  Quai d'honneur, Bonifacio, Corse
41º23´249´´ North, 009º09´582´´East.  
Departure 8 juin  2010 07h10    
Arrival 30 May 2010 18h30 Quai d'honneur, Propiano, Corse
41º40´409´´ North, 008º53´599´´East.  
Departure 3 juin  2010 07h10    


Arrival 23 May 2010 19H20  Quai d'Honneur, Martigues 
43º24´222´´ North, 005º03´045´´East.  
Departure 29 May 2010 07h15 


Arrival 25 Sept 2009 17h40    Port St Louis du Rhône, sur le Rhône.
43º22´577´´ North, 004º48´372´´East.   
Departure 23 May 2010 12h30